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Township of Fredon

Keepers of Coursens Corners

443 Route 94, Fredon, NJ 07860

The Keepers of Coursen's Corners was established in 2001 by a group of 7 women who wanted to save the Col. John Coursen Homestead from being torn down. The group has grown over the years and we continuously work to restore the house to its original state.


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The Keepers of Coursen's Corners: 

Restoring the Col. John Coursen Homestead 


Open House

Saturday, April 27th from 11am - 4pm

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More events coming soon! Check back for updates!

"If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday."

~Pearl Buck

Preserving Local History, One Room at a Time

There is always a project in the works at Coursen House! We are always working to restore the Homestead to its former glory, picking a room or project one at a time and working hard until its done. Then we move on to the next one! As we work our way through the house we also try to occupy our time with plenty of events and educational tours helping to spread the history of the Coursen Family and Fredon Township to the community. 


The Coursen House, built in 1805, was set to be torn down when the land that Lodestar Park was to be built on in Fredon, NJ was bought by the town. The Keepers of Coursen's Corners came together to convince the town to leave the barn and farmhouse to the care of the Keepers. Thereby preserving a beautiful slice of the town's history, as we continue to maintain the House in its original state. 


In the first five years of the groups inception, by their hard work, and with contributions from interested local citizens, six rooms were repaired, repainted and refurnished. Next came the original kitchen, one of our largest projects. Most recently, our efforts have been focused on restoring the upper floors of the house, adding a library full of historical local treasures!


The Keepers often host school groups at Coursen House, allowing the local children to learn about the history of the town they live in. Our members will dress in period clothing and strive to give visitors an authentic snapshot of what life as like during the 1800s. The Keepers also host tours year round to extend their education to the rest of the local community. 


Visit the Coursen Homestead to take a tour, donate to our restoration fund, or join The Keepers of Coursen's Corners!

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